Our musical trips took us to many countries all around
the mediterain sea, for example Turkey, Greece, Spain
and obviously Morocco. Whereever we stayed, we had
many opportunities to gather together with musicians
from these countries and improve our own ideas and
abillities. We like to say
a big "Thanks for that" to all
these wonderful guys we met during the tavellings.
this journey never ends
bab knob fes
one page back
jamal elfna, marrakech
kalle in asslim

moroccain tam tams


hendrik in asslim
elmenland desert horizon
light on the elmriver

indian tablas

indian santur

an old kasbah near quarzarzate
elmenland desert horizon
tanger, the gateway to africa

oud, morocco

saz, turkey

on the wheels of the marrakeck express
elmenland desert horizon
the ortholithi planet
elmenland music was
and will be created between dream, imagination, reality
and something we
call awakeness.
so try it yourself
and have a nice
time with it.
desert torres
elmenlands desertnight
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