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cover: "Elmenland/Elmenland" ELMENLAND/ELMENLAND
This first Elmenland production offers some mystical titles. The main instruments are concert guitar, tablas and an immense variaty of analog synthesizers and other accoustic sound. A nice introduction into Elmenland´s way of realicing worldmusic.
K.-H.G. ©
1) Dawnride,
2) Early Piper,
3) Elmdance,

4) Jasonīs Island,
5) Aquarius Age,
6) Elmenland
(riverīs birth, rainlands, …into the
sea, u. a.)
1) Dawnride
2) Early Piper
3) Elmdance

cover: "Elmenland/The Inner Planets Symphony"

ELMENLAND / Inner Planets Symphony
The second Elmenland record invides us to an accoustic travel to outer space. Beginning with our central star, the sun, this symphony leads us to the outer planets of the solar system by passing one planet after the other. The musicians combined religious and physical aspects of the planets as well in each composition.
K.-H.G. © 1994

1) Meteor,
2) Out of the sunaura,
3) fury Mercury, 4) Venusian Spring,
5) Earthdance, 6) Mars, the warlord,
7) between Asteroids,
8) Jupiter Stormage, 9) Saturn wings,
10) Uranus silent rage,
11) Psychotic space race
1) Venusian Spring
2) Earthdance
3) Mars, the warlord
cover: "Elmenland/Merzouga Morning"

ELMENLAND / Merzouga Morning
The third official Elmenland record invides us to a trip to Countries round the mediterrain sea, mostly morocco, which made a great impress on Elmenlands musician. Besides synthesizers they use very many arabianand indian instruments like Oud, Saz, Sitar, Darabouga, and Tamtams.
K.-H.G. © 1997

1) Oasis at the sea, 2) Italian Views,
3) In Uzuncaburgc, 4) Marrakech
Express, 5) Meski blue Wells, 6) Inside
the old Kasbah, 7) Valley du Draa,
8) Arabesce 2, 9) Hammada Road,
10) Night Caravan, 11) Sandgames,
12) Merzouga Morning,
13) Tanger Beach Jam
1) Italian Views
2) Outside the old kasbah
3) Hamada-Caravan
cover: "Elmenland/The Ortholithi"

ELMENLAND / The Ortholithi
A rockisland near the westcoast of "Korfu", called "The Ortholithi" gave the main Idea to do this actual Elmenland-record. A more or less mystical accoustic journey into the fantastic bachground of this little island. Accoustic and synthesizermusic mixed with many original atmosphere recordings.
K.-H.G. © 2001

1) Seagulls īround the Rock,
2) Into the
Ortholithi Mystery,
3) Ortholithi Part I (stormbirds) ,
4) Inside the Ortholithi Mystery,
5) The Pentangle,
6) Ortholithi Part II (at sundown,
7) Elsewhere (so far away)
1) Seagulls round the rock
2) Into the Mystery
3) ..Ortholithi Mystery
Besides these cds Elmenland did various filmmusic records and a production for the Expo 2000 "BigTipi"- Youthproject in Hannover. To get more information please contact us via e-mail
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