Hello and welcome to Elmenland´s Music Homepage,

maybe this short introduction may give you an imagination of the work of Elmenland´s musicians.
The basic idea of creating this special sound was to mix a sort of dreampictures, natural sounds
and music played with accoustic instruments from different countries, mostly of the oriental and
india culture in order to perform a new sound.

After some years of getting ideas by travelling around Turkey, Morocco and the far eastern
countries the first Elmenland CD was produced by Hendrik Newman and Kallimero with help of
some "Baghwany-friends" from Hamburg. This first Elmenland CD brought up some short semi-
accoustic instrumentals and a 19 minutes lasting accoustic journey following the Elmriver from its
wells through a land full of mystery and imagination to the sea.

During the following years, both musicians worked in different projects. Kallimero did some
media-culture work in the baltic states and turkey and created the conceptalbum "Inner Planets
Symphony" zogether with other musicians which used the physical basic sound of the planets
mixed up with a musical imagination of their mystic stories.

In ninety-ninety-three they met again producing the first tracks of a musical journey through the
northern african deserts, called "Merzouga Morning". Here Elmenland found its own typical style
of mixing imaginational aspects with music played by original musicians from different countries,
recorded during their Trips and work out in the deep inner space of the Elmenland studios.

This long journey took Elmenland´s music from deep in the GUS to Turkey, Morocco, Spain,
Italy, Greece and at least to the EXPO 2000 where they created a special sound track for
the "BIG TIPI Youth Plattform".